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Muzyka po męsku!

Mark Knopfler - Boom, Like That

Or my name's not kroc that's kroc with a 'k'
Like 'crocodile' but not spelled that way, now
It's dog eat dog rat eat rat
Kroc-style boom, like that

Red Sun Rising - The Otherside

I know I'm not as hot as the flame that burned here before me
I've been flipping through all your moments and tearing out memories

Kombii - Pokolenie

Droga na sam szczyt,
A tam nie ma nic.
Tylko ślady po

Ray Wilson & Stiltskin - First Day Of Change

Forget it, it's too late now
You've still got me as your friend
So why don't you come stay tonight
It's better for you that way

The Raven Age - Angel In Disgrace

Now fly away until I reach a piece of forgivness
If it even exists
Maybe someday I will learn to forgive and forget
But right now, I can't

Apocalyptica feat. Franky Perez - House of Chains

Pitch black, no light
No day, no night
I‘m trapped inside your broken house of chains

All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing

I know it's hard, it seems that we've worked at this so long
Soft and foolish pride that tells us we're not wrong
I hear your voice, you tell me that you'll never go
And I believe it, I believe it.

All That Remains - Stand Up

We never said it was easy
And no one gave us a thing
Now that last part is so pleasing
We're stronger than you think

Opeth - Burden

If death should take me now
Count my mistakes and let me through
Whisper in my ear
You've taken more than we've received
And the ocean of sorrow is you

“Not In This LifeTime” - ścieżka dźwiękowa moich najlepszych wspomnień

Wspomnienie z koncertu Guns N'Roses w Polsce.
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